Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)


​At Berrinba East State School, we have 5 key values that guide our behaviour and conduct.  These are -

* We are Safe

* We are Scholars

* We are Kind 

* We are Grateful

* We are Mindful 

Positive Behaviour for Learning  (PBL) has a strong research base and has been shown to improve student outcomes, increase staff and student wellbeing, and reduce behavioural incidents. PBL helps schools to select evidence-based practices which have been shown to improve student behaviour and establish safe and supportive learning environments.

At Berrinba East State School, the following key resources are used to support the implementation of PBL across the school -


Reboot gives students practical strategies, tools and resources to use to self-regulate. It uses simple language and concepts that make it easy to use with all age groups, aged 5+.

The Reboot whole-brain teaching and learning approach has been shown to:
• Improve engagement
• Inspire student confidence and goal setting
• Improve emotional self-regulation and emotional literacy
• Positively impact on self-belief
• Manage learning anxiety and create stress-aware environments with happier young people and staff
• Develop key skills essential to life success (positive relationships, problem solving etc.)
• Develop positive behaviours
• Effectively de-escalate situations and avoid crisis
• Build self-responsibility and an internal locus of control

Reboot supports young people to develop their willingness and capacity to engage in learning.  Reboot empowers young people to build the necessary skills to engage in life and learning.

Young people today need active minds, an innovative outlook and a core of inner strength to thrive in our rapidly changing world. By integrating social and emotional wellness tools into the classroom culture and pedagogy, Reboot helps to create self-aware and self-responsible children who can strive to maximize their potential.

Reboot gives you the 3 Brains (simple neurology of learning, stress management, motivation and emotions), the 5 Faces (emotional intelligence tool that builds emotional literacy and self-regulation) and the Positive Change Highway to support viable goals and problem solving. Reboot's Whole Brain Teaching and Learning framework ensures each child has the chance to grow holistically and develop the skills for a bright future. 

The Resilience Project - this program explicitly teaches the skills of Gratitude, Mindfulness and Empathy (Kindness).

4 Dimensions of Classroom Practice - these are the skills and strategies staff use to manage behaviour at a whole class level.

PBL Matrix and Lesson of the Week - This is the explicit teaching and reinforcing of a school wide targeted skill or behaviour.

Positive Acknowledgement Systems - This is a consistent, school wide approach to acknowledge and celebrate positive behaviour.

More information on PBL at Berrinba East State School can be found in the Berrinba East State School Code of Student Conduct. 

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Last reviewed 29 June 2022
Last updated 29 June 2022